Annie Gascoyne

Organisational Psychologist

Headshot team member

Three things Annie likes doing

I like swing dancing: the joy of music, rhythm and improvisation, and of partnership and connection - both leading and following. I like knitting: developing a skill, with all the mistakes that come with it, to solve or unravel and learn from, along the path to creating something. I like yoga: it grounds me, helping me to notice where I'm at; it challenges me to show up and not give up; it helps me feel stronger in small incremental steps, physically and mentally

Three things Annie really doesn't like doing

I don't like exercise that subscribes to a 'no pain, no gain' philosophy. I don't like shopping - of course I do it when I need to, but it's not how I like to spend my time. I don't like working in isolation - again, I can do it and I've got pretty good at it doing a PhD, but I get a kick out of learning and sharing and feedback from and with other lovely humans!

Why Annie joined The Pioneers

Improving our world of work, to make it more effective and healthy for organisations and their people, is what motivates me, too! I've experienced many years of working in organisations that aren't effective at achieving their aims, and/or they do so at the detriment of their employees' effectiveness and wellbeing, often despite the best of intentions. My academic work over the past 7 years has given me some tools and ways of thinking about how we can do better. I want to be doing more to put that into practice. I also want to do it in collaboration with others - I love to learn from and share ideas with other smart people, bringing together a diversity of perspectives, improving outcomes for all of us. I'm excited that The Pioneers found me! I love the voice you've created as an organisation and your peopleOS resonates with my contextual behavioural lens (that's the stuff that underpins my ‘flexibility’ work). I can see how your sprint model not only makes practical business sense (internally and as a potential role modelling for clients), but also creates glorious opportunities by bringing smart people together to achieve shared aims. It appears to offer flexibility that could fit well with my life and needs at the moment (e.g. also writing a book etc.), and yet is also enticing as a long term relationship. In fact, it feels like the kind of organisation I would want to create for myself … and you’ve already done it and found me!