Luke Cadden

Talent Partner

Three things Luke likes doing

I am an avid long-distance runner, enjoy writing speculative fiction and trying my hand at comedy [improv troupe and stand-up debut coming this December ;)

Three things Luke really doesn't like doing

I don't like deep cleaning the bathroom, (but love the feeling that arises afterwards!), I don't having to call the bank or any financial related institution and finally, I don't like fetching the organic waste bin because it stinks!

Why Luke joined The Pioneers

I've been looking to work with people who are energised by each other's company and possess the personality that will make me want to work with a team everyday. Further, I wanted to apply my Talents I've acquired in the industry across multiple markets in a company that is not a traditional established structure or marred in a stuffy atmosphere. Therefore the promise of a variable schedule, interesting diverse people and new projects allured me to work for The Pioneers!