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Data, data, data: why getting all your People data in one place is the best decision you'll ever make

How do you take a data led approach to building out your people experience? How do you know if something is working? What are the problems caused by having siloed data? What data do you actually want...? How do you make sure that data actually informs your decision making?

If you want to get to a more holistic perspective on your people and their behaviour, this video is for you. Get answers to all of these questions with the help of the brilliant Dr. Soo Ling Lim, Honorary Associate Professor at UCL, Elisa Mirkil, Data Designer, Matt Grimshaw, Co-Founder at Youda, and our fabulous co-founder Bee Heller.

And you can check out the rest of our five-part virtual series on HR Tech here.

The foundation of a great people experience is your HR Tech stack. At The Pioneers, we can help you identify the tech that best fits your culture and strategy and then build automations, connect APIs and integrate new applications so they actually work! Find time for a chat with me here - we're a very friendly bunch: I'll happily offer you some free advice over a cup of tea and a biscuit no matter where we end up!

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