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We help growing companies to create a people experience that reflects their brand, values and purpose
Growing your business? Here's everything you need to know about People and Culture
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How we can help...

At The Pioneers, we work with start-ups, scale-ups and small businesses who really care about their people and culture.

We help in two ways...
The Product side of People Ops: helping companies to create the building blocks of their people experience.
And the Human side of People Ops: if you don't have an in house People expert, we can provide an experienced People Partner who can coach and advise your managers and work with leaders to shape your people strategy.
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Our People Products...

Think of our people products like the building blocks of your employee experience

We start with a templated approach that's based on our expertise and experience, but we then adapt this blueprint so it fits with your brand, strategy, culture and values

This means we can design, build and integrate our products into your existing HR processes and tech stack in just 4 weeks, so you can fix problems quickly and move on...
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Purposeful design

The first step: understanding your unique purpose, brand values and character; mapping your culture and the design principles of your people experience
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HR Tech Strategy

The foundation of a great people experience is your HR Tech stack. We can help you identify the tech that best fits your culture and strategy and then build automations, connect APIs and integrate new applications so they actually work!
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Organisational design

As you grow, the shape of your organisation needs to evolve. Our org design experts can help you define your teams and structure and then help you manage the transition so everyone is clear about their role.

Employer branding and talent attraction

Are you struggling to attract the best candidates? We can help you define your target personas, employer brand and value proposition. Then we'll translate this into the content journeys you need to attract and convert candidates.
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Talent selection

If you care about your culture then who you choose to hire really matters. We can help you implement a more objective, evidence based approach to assessments and interviews. And we can train your hiring managers and automate the process to improve your speed to hire and candidate experience.
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Welcoming new people into your company is a real 'moment that matters'. We can automate all the boring stuff - contracts, compliance and set-up admin - to improve consistency and save you time. But we can also help you create an onboarding experience that makes new joiners feel like they belong and gets them up to speed as quickly as possible.
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Rewards, benefits and salary benchmarking

If you care about your people, you shouldn't take their loyalty for granted. We can help you develop and implement a reward strategy that reflects your culture and values and enables you to retain the people you need to keep growing.
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Performance management

Is it time to put a bit more structure around managing  performance? We can help you find an approach that fits your culture. We can automate the process to ensure consistency; and we can train your managers so they can have effective and informed conversations, with clear goals and feedback that supports people's development.
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Employee surveys

Creating the right feedback loops is critical to maintaining a healthy culture. We can help you design the right survey for you and then automate the deployment and follow-up process so the insights you generate aren't wasted.
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Diversity, equity and inclusion

Do you want to take a data-led and evidence based approach to improving DE&I within your company? If so, we can help with DE&I products that feel appropriate for your organisation and stage of growth.
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Remote and hybrid working

Are you struggling to find the right ways of working for your hybrid or remote team? We can get you started on the right track with the tech, documentation and communications practices you need.
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Something else...!

Want some help with a different people challenge? If we can't help, we almost certainly know someone who can.
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Discover the secret to a great people experience at scale...

Are you growing through about 100 people?

Do you want a people experience that feels coherent, where the work flows and where people feel engaged, focused and energised?

Then you need to start thinking about your people operating system.
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Chantal Wilson

Head of People
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"If you really believe in the importance of people and if you want to create a culture that sets you apart, you need to work with The Pioneers. They bring this magical mix that stretches your thinking and helps you to build groundbreaking stuff really quickly, while keeping you laughing along the way."

Faye Hance

Head of People
"The Pioneers have helped us to design and test an on boarding experience that’s true to our brand, but also completely focused on the needs of our crew members and managers… and we’ve done it in a way that allows us to continue to improve and to demonstrate the value to the business."
Laura Smith
Head of HR & Community
"I really value The Pioneers’ thought leadership and innovative ideas, that make People & Culture feel progressive and inspiring – something that ‘HR’ has been behind the curve on for many years."
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What makes us different...

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We can help you see round corners and spot the opportunities others miss
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We get results because we build the products that translate your aspirations for your culture into the reality of your people experience
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If you want to create a culture that sets you apart, you need to work with people who'll give you the challenge and confidence to forge your own path

Some of the companies we've helped along the way...

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Our Insights

Growing your business? Here's everything you need to know about people and culture

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