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Interview series: People pioneers in action

I am thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new interview series: People pioneers in action!

I have been interviewing people leaders who are pioneering in the world of startups, scale-ups and growing businesses, and getting into the nitty gritty of their experiences, challenges and successes. If you’re a fellow people person interested in getting some fresh ideas, tips, and tools for creating kick-ass cultures (plus advice on what not to do!), have a watch of the episodes, below.

My six fabulous pioneering guests are...

⚡️Episode 1: Laura Smith, Chief People Officer at Trade Ledger

⚡️Episode 2: Daniel Illes, VP of People at Vinted

⚡️Episode 3: Sophie Amato, Head of People & Culture at Social Value Portal

⚡️Episode 4: Sophie Theen, former Chief People Officer at Revolut and 11:FS and now Startup Advisor and Coach

⚡️Episode 5: Nic Cuthbert, VP of People & Talent at Jiminny

⚡️Episode 6: JooBee Yeow, former Chief People Officer at Infogrid and now Advisor to Start-ups and Entrepreneur at Learngility

Kicking off the series in the first episode was the brilliant Laura Smith, Chief People Officer at Trade Ledger... Laura generously shares her story, including: her lessons learned through scaling and downsizing, the challenges of startup V corporate life, the importance of internal comms and of being commercially minded, why growing your business means changing your culture, her top tip if you’re thinking of refreshing your company values and how to get everyone’s voice heard when you’re spread across locations and time zones.

In our second episode, I spoke to the awesome Daniel Illes, VP of People at Vinted. Daniel shares his experience of what it’s like to join a company with a truly exceptional culture and then be responsible for not messing it up as they grow! His story is one of trying to balance the need for consistency, efficiency and fairness in people processes, with a desire for personalisation, flexibility and consensus-driven decisions that’s kept the company culture so strong.

In episode three, I spoke to the wonderful Sophie Amato, Head of People and Culture at Social Value Portal. Sophie has perfected the art of treading the tightrope between day to day firefighting and building for the future. Find out how she does it and how this has helped build a resilient company culture...

I spoke to the award-winning startup advisor and coach, Sophie Theen, in this fourth episode. Sophie is widely recognised in Europe for her innovative influence on how Human Resources works in technology companies and startups, earning her a spot in UK's Top 20 Women in Software. Sophie’s previous roles include Group Chief People Officer at Revolut, and Global Head of HR at 11:FS. She has a wealth of experience to share with those of us who are determined to build great company cultures from the outset.

In our fifth episode, I spoke to the brilliant Nic Cuthbert, VP of People & Talent at Jiminny. Nic has created a company culture where people truly live the values. In this episode, he shares his secrets on how to: develop an internal recognition system centred around company values; bring teams together from different functions and locations in a remote world; support your people during a time of challenging market conditions and a cost of living crisis.

In our People pioneers in action finale, l spoke to the sharp and insightful JooBee Yeow, former Chief People Officer at Infogrid and now Advisor to Start-ups & Entrepreneur at Learngility. JooBee is a trained Systems Engineer with a PhD in Organisational Psychology. Her expertise is in decoding relationships between people, processes, structures, systems and ways of working to implement strategies and tangible actions that help start-ups grow.

I hope you enjoy the series! And if you need a bit of help creating the building blocks of your people experience, or shaping your people strategy, get in touch...

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