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People pioneers in action ⚡️ Episode 4: Sophie Theen, Startup Advisor & Coach

It was an absolute pleasure to speak to the fantastic, award-winning startup advisor and coach, Sophie Theen, in this fourth People pioneers in action episode.

Sophie is widely recognised in Europe for her innovative influence on how Human Resources works in technology companies and startups, earning her a spot in UK's Top 20 Women in Software. Sophie’s previous roles include Group Chief People Officer at Revolut, and Global Head of HR at 11:FS. She has a wealth of experience to share with those of us who are determined to build great company cultures from the outset.

Hear Sophie's thoughts on...

🫥 The importance of identity, transparency and understanding what a people-centric company truly means

🙅🏽The danger of shoe horning people into roles and why employees aren’t to blame if they’re not “a good cultural fit”

📣 Why you should dich blasting out huge surveys

3️⃣ The three things People Teams should lift from Product user research

❤️ The real impact of a nurturing and empowering environment

If you'd like to have a chat about any of the ideas Sophie and I discuss in this episode, or about the People and Culture opportunities and challenges in your company, send me an email or grab some time with me here.

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