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People pioneers in action ⚡️ Episode 5: Nic Cuthbert, VP of People & Talent at Jiminny

Nic Cuthbert, VP of People and Talent at Jiminny, has created a company culture where people truly live the values, and it was an absolute pleasure to find out how.

In this episode, Nic generously shares his secrets on how to...

💌 Develop an internal recognition system centred around company values

🌍 Bring teams together from different functions and locations in a remote world

🫶 Support your people during a time of challenging market conditions and a cost of living crisis

If you'd like to have a chat about any of the ideas Nic and I discuss in this episode, or about the People and Culture opportunities and challenges in your company, send me an email or grab some time with me here.

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