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People pioneers in action ⚡️ Episode 6: JooBee Yeow, former Chief People Officer at Infogrid and now Advisor to Start-ups & Entrepreneur at Learngility

In our People pioneers in action finale, I spoke the the sharp the insightful JooBee Yeow. JooBee is a trained Systems Engineer with a PhD in Organisational Psychology. Her expertise is in decoding relationships between people, processes, structures, systems and ways of working to implement strategies and tangible actions that help start-ups grow.

In her most recent endeavour she was the Chief People Officer at Infogrid who are ranked 15th in @startupstowers top 100 Startups for 2023. She's also enabled the founders of MOO, itech Media and Culture Trip to scale their start-ups and her consulting clients include Marshmallow, Learnerbly, Blexr, Schibsted (Sphock, Leboncoin, Subito, Done Deal, InfoJobs), Rolls Royce and Bosch.

As the creator of the Scaling Start-Ups blog series and Learngility Open Source, JooBee is always contributing to the start-up community's knowledge base and this interview is no exception. In it she shares:

🏫 Her careers advice for other Heads of People in start-ups

⏳ How she prioritises her time when she starts working with a new business

🎮 Why you should think of your company culture as your operating system

👯 The importance of relationships and how they last much longer than any one role

📈 The six stages of company growth and the corresponding challenges start-ups must overcome

🚨 Why it's important to solve the right problem not every problem and how to identify which is the right problem to solve!

If you'd like to have a chat about any of the ideas JooBee and I discuss in this episode, or about the People and Culture opportunities and challenges in your company, send me an email or grab some time with me here.

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