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People pioneers in action ⚡️ Episode 3: Sophie Amato, Head of People and Culture at Social Value Portal

In this third People pioneers in action episode, I speak to the wonderful Sophie Amato, Head of People and Culture at Social Value Portal.

Sophie has worked as a People leader in start-ups and scale-ups for over ten years, including roles at Talentful, VouchedFor and Monolith AI. She is currently Head of People and Culture at Social Value Portal, a platform that engages, enables and empowers people and organisations to work together in the pursuit of social, economic and environmental wellbeing. Sophie's passion is to nurture and empower the talent that fuels thriving companies.

We chat about…

🚀 The importance of seeing People & Culture as a product and employees as customers

⚖️ Striking the balance between giving your people what they want and delivering on business objectives

🛠 A career progression toolkit for greater retention, longer tenure and more satisfied and engaged team members

🔥 Sophie's tips for getting the balance right between day to day firefighting and building for the future, and how you know if you’re getting it right

💔 The dangers of getting too emotionally attached to projects you’ve rolled out

If you'd like to have a chat about any of the ideas Sophie and I discuss in this episode, or you'd like to have a conversation about the People and Culture opportunities and challenges in your company, send me an email or grab some time with me here.

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