Recruitment playbook

A step by step recruitment process designed by experts, that reflects your culture and is weaved with advice to help your hiring managers attract and select brilliant candidates
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Want to hire brilliant candidates and give them an exceptional experience that reflects your culture? You're our kinda person.

This recruitment playbook has been designed by experts and fine tuned for start-ups, scale-ups and small businesses who care about their culture. It includes the latest people science and has been tested in growing businesses.

Who this is for

🚀 If you want to improve how your hiring managers approach recruitment

🥵 If you lead a talent team that's got high standards but is stretched to capacity

🫴 If you wish you could give your hiring managers more support but don't have the time to build the tools or coach them through the process

...then this playbook is for you! We've designed the playbook as a reference guide that hiring managers can use when they are actively recruiting. Talent teams can easily adapt the playbook so that it reflects the specific recruitment process and candidate experience that you’d like to create in your company. If you don’t have a consistent process in place yet, then this playbook has got you covered.


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A brief overview

  1. Getting ready to hire: creating a candidate persona, defining the role, determining your strategy
  2. How to attract the best candidates: an overview of the process, ensuring your job advert reflects your employer brand and supports equity, diversity & inclusion, including an application form, advertising the role
  3. How to select the best candidates: an overview of the talent selection process, creating objective selection criteria, reviewing and screening applications, conveying your company story, benefits and expectations to candidates, facilitating discovery calls, interviewing and assessing candidates, reviewing candidates and shortlisting, offers and references
  4. The candidate experience: why it matters, the experience you want to create, how you can make a real difference to the candidate experience

What you'll get...

A note on the platforms this playbook is built in

This recruitment playbook is built in Notion and in Google Docs. If you’re not a Notion or Google Docs user, you can easily set up a free account to access the content upon purchase. You can then transfer it out to whatever platform you use to manage work in your business, whether that’s Confluence, Asana, Monday, etc.

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The recruitment playbook is a great guide for people-first start-ups and scale-ups. I think it's particularly useful for inexperienced hiring managers or first-time in-house talent partners. It's a great shortcut to get the right foundation in place, and I like that it's customisable. We’ve personalised some of the content and we’re also using it to create briefing documents to take with us to new role briefings with hiring managers. Thanks Pioneers! Sophie Amato, Head of People and Culture at Social Value Portal

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